There are many times when it would be convenient to be able to do a global find and replace on a Uniface export or trx file. However the trx file format is fixed at a constant width of 61 characters. This means that in many cases throughout the file, various object names will be split across lines.

This program converts a TRX (or Export) file into a format more suitable for the purposes of a global find and replace. Once the conversion has been done. use your favorite editor (e.g. vi, sed or write) to perform the required global updates. Once you are satisfied trx_cvt can be used to convert the editable text file back into a suitable format for importation into Uniface.

The safest approach (obviously) is to have a full export file of your entire repository.

I strongly recommend that you import the final file into an 'empty' Uniface repository to validate that the entire editing process has produced the results you are seeking to achieve. In any case please keep the original trx/exp file in case something goes amiss and you need to back out your changes.

Click here to download the trx file converter

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