Miscellaneous tasks

Pre 1979

I left school at an early age and became involved in the family business which of producing reasonable quality women's clothing at an affordable price. During the 14 years I was involved in this venture I learned all aspects of clothing manufacture from designing the item, through cutting the cloth from that pattern and on to the final pressing of the product.

In 1968 I became highly interested in Electronics and devoted on average more than forty hours a week teaching myself the basics of the profession. By 1971 I was designing and constructing solid state power supplies, audio power amplifiers, audio pre-amplifiers and various pieces of digital equipment ranging from simple counters to remote surveillance equipment using radar and ultrasonic motion detectors.

From 1972 I took responsibility for running the accounts of the clothing manufacturing business. As the Federal Government revised its' policies regarding tariff protection of the clothing industry, it became increasingly apparent that profits would reach zero around 1982 - 1983. Therefore I deemed it sensible to move into an area with a better future. Since electronics was my major hobby, I began a TAFE course in 1978 to formalize my knowledge in electronics.

I purchased a TI59 calculator in 1978 to use in the Electronics and Communications Certificate Course. From this I taught myself the rudiments of programming. And the rest is history.

After I started working in earnest in the Electronics Industry (1980), I became highly interested in learning to program the Tandy Model I computer. After using the Basic programming language for a time, I became acutely aware of its' deficiencies. These deficiencies, together with an interest in Z80 assembly language programming, led me to produce extensions to the Basic language. This was followed with a desire to integrate the Basic extensions more fully with the underlying operating system,

The final result was a package called Newdos90. This extended the fine Newdos80 operating system and resulted in the Custom Basic package being fully integrated into the operating system. It was only a matter of time before my keyboard skills resulted in a data entry role within Telecom Australia. This soon was extended to programming tasks using C, Dbase II (and III), Lotus 1-2-3, various proprietary hardware specific languages along with some Honeywell JCL.