Oracle PL/SQL programmer

March 1995 - July 1995

Reported to: Mr. Patrick Dancer,
SEQEB Business Systems
6th Floor, 151 Charlotte St,
Phone: +61 7 3223 4479
Responsibilities: Design and implement a system to migrate data from a Fujitsu mainframe system to an Oracle database. This was accomplished by using a temporary Oracle database as an intermediate store.
  • Oracle 7.0/7.1 Database running on a HP machine
  • PC's running Gupta SQL*Windows on Windows 3.1
Achievements: The final solution was implemented through the use of Oracle SQL*Plus scripts controlled by various Korn shell scripts. The Oracle scripts had a large PL/SQL component.

The mainframe extraction scripts were supplied by other SEQEB employees

Senior Uniface Consultant

August 1994 - February 1995

Reported to: Ms Karen Mills,
Edge/Uniface development team,
New Zealand
Phone: +64 9 358 6265
  • Provide standards and guidelines for all future Telecom New Zealand Uniface projects
  • Provide Uniface training and education to Telecom staff with particular emphasis on the needs of Telecom New Zealand
  • Provide senior technical support as directed for Uniface, Unix and Oracle environments
  • Oracle Database running on an IBM RS/6000
  • AS400 database files
  • PC's running Windows 3.1
  • Supplied required documentation specifying the standards required to support modular and reusable code
  • Provided technical support during the initial implementation phase of the Customer Sales and Support system. Particularly in the areas of user access and security
  • Provided technical advice relating to improving performance of Uniface/Oracle applications. In particular the OpenUpTime application as supplied by Metrix Corporation.

Senior Uniface Consultant

April 1994 - May 1994

Reported to: Ms J. Mortimer,
Business Systems Group,
New Zealand
Phone: +64 4 8020 585
  • To investigate and identify the problems in trying to create a Uniface program that could call, or be called by, other programs such as Oracle or Progress. The functionality that this would require in the broadest sense would be provided by an OLE version 2 that is capable of spanning many different hardware platforms
  • Oracle Database running on an IBM RS/6000
  • AS400 database files
  • HP-Vectra PC's running Windows 3.1
  • Designed and implemented a small application to demonstrate mechanisms that could allow Oracle and Uniface applications to invoke one another.
  • Ported the application to the Apple Macintosh.