My career started in the clothing industry at an early age. I became interested in electronics in 1968, and by 1980 I had gained much experience in the design and construction of analogue and digital circuitry especially in the area of process control systems.

I began the transition to software engineering during the 1980's, writing enhancements to an operating system and a BASIC compiler in Z80 assembler.

The transition to software engineering was complete by 1990. At this time I was working as a team leader in the Computer Support Services section of Telstra.

During the years spent in the IT industry I have gained considerable expertise in the following fields:

Application Design Data Modelling
Backup and Recovery Strategies Decision Support Systems
Business Analysis Oracle Database Administration
Data Analysis Performance Tuning
Data conversions Software Architecture Design

Programming languages and tools in which I rate myself as being an expert include:

Continuus Sql*Loader
Oracle Case Tools Sql*Plus
Oracle import and export utilities TOAD
PL/Sql Uniface
SilverRun unix shell scripts

I also have skills in C, perl, HTML, java, awk and sed. Three of the major highlights of my career using the above skills and tools are:

I am willing to travel anywhere in Australia or the world. Although my business is based around contract work, a permanent position may be negotiable.

I hope that my services may be of use to you and your company at some time.