Full name Warwick Stephen Sands
Date of birth 15 May 1951
Postal Address P.O. Box 3474, Loganholme, Q'ld, 4129 Australia
Education Electronics and Communications Certificate Brisbane TAFE
(Equiv. to the U.S. degree of Associate of Applied Science
in Electrical Engineering Technology.)
Compuware USA Train the Trainer Course 1996
Oracle Internals 1994
Uniface Environment Management Course 1994
Conceptual Schema Design 1993
Project Management (Rob Thomset) 1992
Designing for Oracle 7 1992
Uniface Advanced Application 1992
Oracle*DBA version 6 1991
Introduction to Uniface 1991
Oracle Case*Designer 1990
Oracle SQL*Forms (Parts 1 and 2) 1990
Oracle SQL*Plus 1989
Oracle*DBA course version 5 1989
Courses Various internal Telecom Australia specific courses 1984-1987
Interests Computing
Electronics (design and construction)
Reading (science fiction and mysteries)


1987 - 1991

Continued to enhance the NewDos86 operating system and released it again as NewDos90. This product included further enhancements to the BASIC interpreter as well as many utilities. The final enhancement to the DOS supported the SCSI drive interface designed by Roy Soltoff.

1984 - 1986

During this period I produced the integrated version of the Basic Interpreter and Disk Operating System for the Tandy Model 1/3/4 range of PC's and released it under the name of NewDos86. I also produced various utilities including a print utility that supported proportional printing with a variety of printers both dot matrix and daisy wheel. The users' manual for Custom Basic for '80 Users was re-written to include new features. Manual now 215 pages plus appendices.

1981 - 1984

Taught myself Z80 Assembler and Tandy Level 2 Basic programming. Started work on the tape based enhancements to Tandy Basic interpreter. These enhancements included nearly all those normally provided by the Disk Operating Systems of the day. The program also allowed the user to cut a tape providing just those enhancements required at the time, thus allowing upper memory to be conserved. This was initially beta tested by the Queensland Tandy users group and finally released as Custom Basic for '80 Users. This had a favorable review in Electronics Today International September 1984. Wrote the 180 page user manual.